SPAC Attack: Colonnade Advisor’s Proprietary Index

Welcome to Colonnade Advisors’ SPAC Attack Index.

We track SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) because they directly affect the M&A marketplace. SPACs are an increasingly important buyer universe of private companies.

This report is meant to be additional reading for those interested in how we developed our proprietary index. It is short but compact with two pages of reading. We visualize the SPAC Attack Index as a pool of capital as if within a “pressure cooker” representing the total amount of capital that has entered from SPAC IPOs, placed under pressure based on the deadline to de-SPAC.

Each of our SPAC Quarterly Updates reports the most recent quarter’s SPAC Attack Index as an absolute number. 

Please see our Quarterly Reports Archive for the index in each quarter and relevant themes for middle-market mergers and acquisitions.